rva recovery project

We help individuals suffering from substance use disorders (S.U.D.'s) find placement in a recovery program. When a person suffers an accidental overdose, VRF volunteers facilitate placement into treatment. We plan to expand the project to enable individuals to request assistance from any first responder (police, fire, or ambulance services) as the donated assets for treatment expand.

Student- Community Education Project

Through our education project, we facilitate education and awareness for middle and high school age students and the community. The VRF is presently working with Rams in Recovery (Virginia Commonwealth University recovery program) to start an education/awareness campaign with a high school in the Richmond metropolitan area. The VRF has developed a plan to use a cadre of subject matter experts to instruct the students in the science of addiction, legal and economic cost of substance abuse, and peer recovery counseling. VRF Board members have been instrumental in promoting and participating in numerous presentations and community events on the opioid epidemic.

Law Enforce- ment Education Project

The VRF is supporting and facilitating educational programs through a state-wide expansion of the training for probation officers, law enforcement, and the State Judges conference.

The VRF Board has been instrumental in promoting this project in the greater Richmond Metropolitan area.